Our focus is specifically targeted to collections and creditor services.


Our complete staff has years of experience in the debt collection industry. We have trained professional, small, medium, and large balance collectors who can get your money. In addition if it becomes necessary we have years of experience in all local courts, this gives us the ability to handle your matters from start to finish.


We understand the importance of handling your accounts receivables quickly, professionally, and  effectively. We strive to optimize the recovery ratio of your debt portfolio and work hard to recover the revenue you thought was lost. Your future, as well as ours, depends upon it.


We work professionally and diplomatically for positive results while following the increasingly complex local and national debtor protection laws and statutes.


We were founded in 1996 with a goal of providing the commercial collection industry with customer focused service based upon integrity and professionalism. To that foundation we added knowledgeable and experienced personnel with advanced technology and innovative collection techniques.

we strongly believe that if a claim is collectible that we can and will collect it!
Collections attorney

Gregory K. Pugh P.C.